Steve Pike aka Dangerous Derek - Juggler, Unicyclist
Steve Pike aka Dangerous Derek - Juggling, Unicycling Entertainer

Steve Pike (aka Dangerous Derek) is a Nottingham-based professional juggler and has been juggling for over 20 years - working all over the country he has taught circus skills to thousands of people in schools, clubs & other venues.

Steve is also a unicyclist and balloon modeller.

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Steve Pike - Juggling, Stilit Walking, Unicycling Entertainer

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Steve Pike - Juggling, Stilit Walking, Unicycling Entertainer


Steve is a skilled unicyclist and performs juggling, skipping and also has a 6 foot giraffe unicycle. He juggles knives on a rolla bola, uses glow in the dark juggling balls, and can juggle fire, if required. The shows generally include crowd interaction and participation.

Steve, based in Nottingham, has taught countless people to juggle and run hundreds of Circus Skills Workshops for people of all ages.

Steve Pike - Juggling, Unicycling and Circus Skills Workshops . Based in the Midlands.


Why not try something different?

Similar to Brain Gym, juggling and circus skills as well as being fun and rewarding activities in themselves will increase dexterity, stamina, confidence & fitness. A Circus day would start with a showing assembly demonstrating all the skills to be learned during the day. Each class would then attend a workshop,the duration varying according to the age / attention span of the group.

Each workshop teaches a range of fun activities including:

Plus other activities.

For older children these include:

Prices range from:

Steve Pike - scarf and ball juggling, unicycling, diabolo, cigar boxes, chinese ribbons, feather balancing, pedal-gos, poi spinning, plate spinning, and rolla bola



Steve has performed at hundreds of venues, festivals,
parties, schools, nightclubs, weddings,
fund raisers, medieval banquets, and student balls.

He has also performed at many corporate events for clients including Boots, Tesco,
Capital One, NHS, Shugborough Hall, Kwik Save, Local and City Councils, and The National Trust.


Steve Pike, a scholar, a gentleman, but above all an entertainer


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